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BEAUTY.hype: Glossier Newness Incoming

We’re losing ourselves over Glossier Pro Tip and we’re not even sorry about it. Cult products come in pink pouches.


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Glossier. is all about the hype. The allure. The unexplainable pull, especially one that comes in a pink bubblewrap. Whatever the secret to Glossier’s success (it goes deep, it’s an impressive comment on exquisite customer service and marketing genius), we are as prone to falling for it as the next person. We just might get a look at it a little earlier.

Give it up for ‘Pro Tip’ which in true Glossier style does what it says on the tin. The first liquid eyeliner for the brand, it’s a pen designed for the artistically-challenged (because Glossier is the gift that keeps on giving; they make things EASY. The fibres of the brush are designed to hug your lashline, and your handiwork stays put for 12 hours).


Not meaning to brag, but I had my feline flick technique nailed by the time I left uni (doing your eyeliner during a 3am fire drill in case the object of your affections catches a glimpse of you is a fairly effective crash course). It’s become part of my identity. Have we tested ‘Pro Tip’ during a fire drill? Not yet, (we tested it on the train - see below) but it’s in our in-case-of-emergency arsenal. This is why eyeliner works;

  1. It instantly makes you look like you have your s*** together (eyeliner, incidentally is a great antidote to imposter syndrome - it’s the same idea as the psychology of a good suit; looking like you mean business seeps into your subconscious until you actually feel like a bad ass too).
  2. Tweaking that golden ratio using makeup is wholly satisfying. Make your eyes look bigger/smaller/whatever you need them to be - eyeliner is by far the easiest way to deploy some clever makeup trompe l’oeil.
  3. Defining your eyes increases the contrast between your features which is psychologically evidenced to make you appear more attractive. Seriously. Studies (Mulhern et al) have shown that manipulating the contrast of the eyes and lips against the skin tone is one of the key markers of attractiveness.
  4. The skill-sets required for mastering eyeliner practically constitute brain training. Geometry? Tick. Symmetry? Tick. Perseverance? Tick. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’re actually building synapses with each stroke. (Heck, it should even go down as its own achievement on your CV).


Once you have your Pro Tip nailed...

you’ll need a few other hyped new products to finish the look. Especially the kind you can get equally excited about, right?

Liquid eyeliner has the potential to go a little retro (straighter wings generally make for a more modern silhouette) so to keep your look firmly in this half of the century, pair with a matte lip. This one by Chanel is ultra-longlasting, ultra-comfortable (vitamin E and an antioxidant blend no less) and, as we’d expect from Chanel, ultra-chic.

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Fusion, £31

Eyeliner applied directly onto the skin admittedly has a certain cool-girl rawness but if you want to elevate things a touch to look more groomed, you can’t go wrong with a taupey base. Luckily this palette covers all eventualities and for the times when you really want to ramp things up, the second half is pure party.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Elec-Trick, £40

Eyeliner without mascara is like pizza without the cheese and this one makes its presence known - in a good way. Volume, length and curl, it ticks all the boxes and stays put for 24 hours (we’re not judging)

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Rebel Length + Lift Mascara, £26

The comforting comfrey root extract and conditioning Pro Vitamin B5 in this micellar water/weightless oil mash-up belie it’s makeup dissolving prowess - even the hardcore waterproof stuff. Party? What party?

Glossier Milky Oil waterproof makeup remover, £10


Beauty Director Sophie tries Glossier ProTip on the train

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