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Emily Ratajkowski is selling face masks - the skincare kind

Everything you need to know about her new beauty venture Loops


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So sheet face mask brand Loops actually launched in February. You may have seen its colourful packaging on Instagram, especially during lockdown? It featured on Vanessa Hudgens, Willow Smith, Emma Roberts, and Sofia Richie's feeds. And while the link with Em Rata didn't exist then, it's since been announced that Em Rata is the creative director and a stakeholder.

“When I was a teenager, I didn’t know much about beauty. In the last six years, I got super into it. Loops has a very straightforward, usable ethos. I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t really like the product,” said Ratajkowski, who first tried it during lockdown, when she instantly fell in love with the brand. “They made an impression on me not just because of the products themselves, but the packaging and the experience of a sheet mask.”

Each mask comes in a colourful plastic - but recyclable - bag with five targeted masks inside, depending on what your skin needs that day. Clean Slate for example, uses volcanic ash to draw out impurities, and aloe vera to soothe skin. As its name suggests, Weekly Reset is designed to be used once a week to rejuvenate skin and thanks to rice water extract, ameliorate visible signs of ageing. Sunrise Service is formulated with rejuvenating Baobab oil and pumpkin extract to depuff skin in the morning. And finally, Double Take gives skin a glow using actives, sunflower seed oil and aloe vera.

Hailing from Korea, they're made using hydrogel - a whizzy technology that enables them to hold, and therefore supply, more moisture. The compostible masks come in two parts, one for the bottom half of your face and one for the top, meaning they fit pretty snug. “If I have an extra 15 minutes in the morning and I’ve gotten out of the shower, it is easy to throw one on while I’m blow drying my hair or answering my emails," says Ratajkowski.

Loops Face Masks, $30 for a set of five. Order here.

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