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Beauty Triptych

Three routine-changing tools for your consideration


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GHD Rise, £169

If you’ve ever used a hot brush you’ll know how a) middle aged it makes you feel and b) how excellent it makes your hair; professionally bouncy, smooth and slick. This new ghd tool (out today!) confounds the former, and exceeds the latter. As its name ‘rise’ suggests, bouncy is the operative word here - it prizes hair from the root and keeps it there. All day, actually. 

Dyson Coralle, £399

The third and only Dyson hair tool to use neither air nor a cord. It does however bear the trademark ‘oh wow, I’m sold’ stats, namely that it reduces damage by up to 50%. How? S'all in the plates, apparently, which are flexible and therefore, don’t clamp down too hard or cause too much tension. Stick them in the - futuristic looking - charging dock for 70 minutes and you’ll get half an hour worth of use.


Cloud Nine The Airshot Pro, £199

Another boast of boosted hair health, Cloud Nine claims that this, its new souped up hair dryer cuts drying time by up to 50%. It has three heat settings to suit all hair types and styles, and by reducing negatively charged particles, it flattens and smooths frizz and flyaways.