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From New York to Paris Fashion Week, these are the hero products the big names used to create every look you'll want to wear


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Contrary to yawning popular opinion, Fashion Week citizenry belongs to the many, not the few. Designers and editors, yes, artists and photographers, also yes, but you too. You, the thumb-stopping, like-dispensing Instagrammer, who will drop precious cash and keep brands and designers in commercial relativity. You, who may have resigned catwalk clothes and backstage beauty as extraneous to your day to day, but can be reminded via Miranda Priestly, fictional Editor in Chief of Runway magazine, that “it is sort of comical how you think you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when in fact, you’re wearing [a lipstick] that was selected for you by the people [of Fashion Week]. From a pile of stuff”. 

new york

Tom Ford

THE SHOW HERO: Tom Ford Eye Quad 04 in Suspicion, £40

Some say metallic, others, guilded-to-the-hilt. We’re not nailing our flag to the mast, but we are rendering gold with a smoke, for smoulder and depth. To avoid brash blocks, ‘sweep the gold shade from the quad over the entire lid, then feather upwards towards your brow,’ says make-up artist Diane Kendal. 


THE SHOW HERO: Nars Star Rockin’ Precision Lip Liner, £19

Assertively plummy mouths via precision liner, and a buttery-soft, pigment-packed crayon. Wear with plain everything else, and woah it's enchanting. Plain insofar that you shouldn't give it competition, so your usual base, and soft bronzer is good (vampirical pallor not recommended with a bloody lip). 

Prabal Gurung

THE SHOW HERO: Powder Kiss Lipstick in Sexy but Sweet, £17.50

Lipstick for blush may sound unnecessarily crafty - you own a blusher! - but rethink, because a bullet dispenses juuust the right amount. This pink may look OTT, but on cheeks it's less saccharine and more youthful. "Blush on the apples of your cheeks can look simultaneously girlish and clowny, but further up, it looks flushed and lifted" says Kendal. 

yuhan wang

THE SHOW HERO: Peacci Nail Polish, £10

Buttery, summer-singing pastels are a go. Ok, griege. Shape wise, this sits in the middle of the square, oval and almond Venn diagram. And the brand in question? It's new, British and vegan, and colours run the gamut from lurid and luminous to navy and nude. 




THE SHOW HERO: Babyliss 9000 Cordless Hair Straightener, £200

Victoria Beckham seldom concerns herself with briefs that don’t speak to the real, modern woman, so of course the hair tool in situ was cordless and great for on-the-go. Hair stylist Guido whizzed down the line-up pre-show, to smooth flyaways and frizz (with a little help from Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray, £10.10). Charge for three hours gives you thirty minutes of use, and there's three nifty temperature settings. 

David koma

THE SHOW HERO: Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep, £23

A styling product that primes and preps hair not just the style pictured above - a wearable and demure take on the wet-look trend, but for up and down-dos, too. Use on damp hair before styling, and don't stress about the quantity. No dollop too dense will make hair greasy or limp. 



THE SHOW HERO: Armani Luminous Silk concealer, £34.50 (Exclusive to Selfridges from 4th March)

The genetic lottery may pay dividends, but for models in phase three of four of Fashion Month, bags and dark circles are a given. Late nights, early mornings, jet lag - the list goes on. This, quite evidently, hides the lot. Joining the cult Luminous Skin Foundation, it stays put all day and makes skin look like skin.


THE SHOW HERO: Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray, £14.50

An aversion to hairspray is common. You're reminded of 10 second breath holds, and hair that's tacky until it's so hard it's snappable. Not this. The wide nozzle dispenses a near-perfect amount, and the formula not only makes hair obedient, but also protects against humidity.

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