A day after LG launched their Urbane Watch collection, Samsung is rolling its Gear S2 watches out to the public. This is the first round-faced watch by the Korean company and they've clearly made a decision to add more style into the equation. The watch is available in two versions: the sporty standard option and the leather-strapped classic option. On top of that, Samsung has also partnered with Italian designer Alessandro Mendini to provide options for customisation.

Touchscreen aside, a rotating bezel allows control over certain functions while the Home and Back buttons are located on the sides. A cellular option is available as well but that launch will likely depend on the local telcos. The number of apps already lined up for the watch is impressive too. These include Nike running apps as well as a Twitter trends app. Samsung Pay can also be utilised using the watch but where the Gear S2 really bosses over the competition is its compatibility with all Android phones. This allows the user the flexibility to change phones without this watch becoming a mere paper weight.

The Gear S2 will initially be released in South Korea and the US but if you can't wait, Amazon and Best Buy are reportedly stocking it as well. The standard option is $US299.99 while the classic is going for $US349.99.