T he everday object has been transformed into modern day must-haves thanks to these state of the art homeware brands. The fridge, shower, speaker and even cooktops have been given a boosted of technology that will ensure your home is beyond haute for 2016.

BeoSound Moment by Bang & Olufsen

Imagine a device that knows the types of music you want to hear, and when. That's the idea behind Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound Moment. The advanced PatternPlay tech studies your listening patterns and over time, it will gradually mimic your taste in music. This coupled with stunning aesthetics results in a statement speaker. One side of the BeoSound Moment is an elegant aluminium interface with a delicate touch screen, which is perfect for engaging interaction, while the other side boats the world's first touch-sensitive wooden interface, which is made from beautiful oak.

Tech talk: Five must-have updates for your home

For more information, visit Bang & Olufsen.

Flex Induction Cooktop by Gaggenau

Kitchens are set for a serious injection of gastronomic-inspired gadgets with the introduction of the Flex Induction Cooktop. New functions in the Gaggenau ensemble enable the free positioning of cookware and the regulation of temperature within different heat areas. Additional highlights include a frying sensor and accessories like the Teppan Yaki or the griddle plate. An innovative display concept makes Twist-Pad control, with a removable magnetic knob, particularly easy and intuitive. A new control concept with a clean design in white and orange, indicating functions that can be used, ensures precise user-friendly operation too.

Tech talk: Five must-have updates for your home

For more information, visit Gaggenau.

800 Series Diamond Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins

This pièce de résistance is the result of seven years of analysis that has developed into a whole new invention, rather than a gadget update. In fact, the entire manufacturing plant in Worthing, West Sussex, was redesigned specifically for production of the new 800 Series Diamond. B&W has replaced the Kevlar cones, which the 800 Series has long sported, in favour of a new composite 'Continuum' cone to offer a more open, neutral performance. This means the changes from the cabinets to the internal Matrix structure, as well as the new materiels used in the fundamental design, all combine to create a sublime listening experience.

Tech talk: Five must-have updates for your home

To test out the Bowers & Wilkins' 800 Series Diamond Speakers, visit Archimedia.

Odyssey Digital Shower by Delta

This modern shower system allows you to control everything — from a touch panel. If you have multiple shower outlets, the pause and play allows you to dictate which to temporarily stop while you shampoo your hair. Also, with the user settings, you can preset the water control, flow rates, and temperature settings for up to four users. Even remote operation is possible with the system. Then to make sure that form follows function, the Odyssey Digital Shower comes in a variety of finish options: chrome, champagne bronze, polished nickel, venetian bronze and brilliant stainless finishes.

Tech talk: Five must-have updates for your home

For more information, visit Delta.

Fridge Freezer by Gorenje

Utilising the brand's groundbreaking ConvertActive technology, you can switch between a freezer and a fridge, all at the touch of a button. In addition, the fridge also boasts Gorenje's revolutionary IonAir technology which uses negatively-charged ions to purify air in the fridge and eliminates up to 95 per cent of bacteria, moulds and odours.

Tech talk: Five must-have updates for your home

For more information, visit Gorenje.