The long established, authority on society happenings, Conde Nast publication – Tatler – is applying its wealth of experience in navigating the British social scene, to educating young socialites in the making, with the launch of a new etiquette school. The Debretts and Tatler School of Etiquette, is a collaborative academy that taps into the UK's ultimate source for all things proper – Debrett's. 

Founded in 1769, Debrett's publishes annual volumes of today's who's who in society as well as a range of guides including; forms of address and appropriate dress codes. 

Joanne Milner, chief executive officer of Debrett's said that: "It has become increasingly apparent that confidence and an awareness of etiquette and soft skills are not only an asset in the workplace, but also determine one's individual success across all aspects of modern life." 

The new school will accommodate those of all ages who are keen to polish their social skills. The courses on offer include; 'Coming of Age', a one-day course for 13 to 16-year-olds, which advises on "how to communicate with adults" and digital etiquette; 'Finishing School', a two-day course for those 17 and older on how to "develop their social language, presentation and people skills to maximise their personal impact," and 'Best of British', a two-day course designed to impart "how to navigate British culture, etiquette and traditions, including the rules of the British social season."

"With a combined heritage of over 545 years of British society, Tatler and Debrett's make the perfect partnership for launching this bespoke school of etiquette." Continued Milner.

"[the school] will transform you into a perfectly polished, stylish, confident, polite and funny social highflier. In just two days." added Gavanndra Hodge, acting editor of Tatler.