Mark Wahlberg has revealed plans to bring Wahlburgers, his family's burger restaurant chain to the Middle East. The burger chain is owned and run by his three brothers Mark, Donnie and chef Paul, which became popular after the release of a reality TV show based around the start-up of the business. The original restaurant was opened in 2011 in Hingham, Boston and business has really picked up speed having opened almost 70 more chains across America since.

Wahlberg who is the producer of the reality TV show commented on how the insight into behind the scenes and what goes into creating a successful chain has been good for the business and they are now planning on expanding further with 20 more restaurants in the Middle East.

"We have almost 70 restaurants under contract right now, with various franchisees and deals in different places. I think we will have nine or 10 open bu the end of the year in places like Fenway Park in Boston and airports in Philly and New York." Wahlberg revealed in a recent interview.

"We also just made a deal in the Middle East for 20 restaurants." He added.