Attempting to dispel the misconception that mocktails are just mere swishings and mixings of soda water and juice, Bar Manager Lucian Rosu at Fume the restaurant du jour at Pier 7 explains how some of their signature mocktails, think the Teenage Crush, Raspberry Mule and the Elderflower Mojito, are made...

The pick of the bunch was the Raspberry Mule that contained coriander and a secret ingredient, their homemade ginger beer. Sweet and spicy, this was easy to attempt, except for the ginger beer, which requires a bit of preparation. Here's how to make it:

Fume's homemade ginger beer recipe

- 6 fresh ginger cloves

- 3 red chillies

- 400ml water

- 120ml lime juice

- 120ml sugar syrup

Put the ginger and chillies into a juice extractor. Collect 60ml of the resulting liquid. Mix that liquid with the rest of the ingredients and voila, you get a smooth ginger beer that will leave a nice warm feeling in your throat long after you've finished your glass. As for sampling the other mouthwatering mocktails, you'll have to visit Fume, Pier 7, Dubai.