As part of a reciprocal agreement to foster further cultural exchange Beijing and Dubai are collaborating for their respective Design Week events this Autumn. Beginning with Dubai's role as the 'Guest City' for the upcoming 2015 edition of Beijing Design Week (BJDW) to be held from September 23 – October 7. 

In exchange, Beijing Design Week will be welcomed as a 'guest international design week' at the inaugural and highly anticipated Dubai Design Week, which kicks off in October this year.

The two cities have been enjoying mutual support from each other in the field of design for sometime, including the recent Dubai Week, which was held in Beijing in May, highlighting Dubai's development and dynamic cultural scene. BJDW creative director, Beatrice Leanza, comments: "The appointment of Dubai as the 2015 Guest City resonates across a wider set of actions BJDW has undertaken to strengthen productive relations within the Asian region and encourage dialogue among its vibrant and diverse design cultures.''