Land Rover's flagship model – Range Rover – has established itself as the ideal combination of tough luxury. With a sleek but slightly menacing exterior, and a luxuriously comfortable interior, the car has proved its popularity and winning formula time and time again. 

Now the tough exterior gets a military style reboot as the car maker announces a new armoured model, designed under the 'Special Operations Division' at the company. The Range Rover Sentinel, will have the ability to withstand 7.62mm high-velocity, armour piercing incendiary bullets whilst also being able to tolerate 15kg TNT explosions. 

As for the interior, you can expect the usual high standard luxury features  with the addition of a custom six-piece armoured passenger cell constructed from high-strength steel and multi-laminated armour privacy glass. There is even an emergency secret escape from the rear of the passenger seats. The price tag for this level of protection is a cool €400,000.