Ulysse Nardin has unveiled its homage piece to the Middle East at Dubai Watch Week (DWW). The Classico Dunes, specially made for the region, features a dial that sports a horse and falcon, two creatures that reflect the culture and heritage of the region.

An elegant timepiece that has a diametre of 40mm, a case made of 18 carat rose gold, is water resistant up to 50m and utilises a self-winding movement that features 25 jewels? Yes, please! You can appreciate its beauty along with other display pieces at the brand’s special in-store exhibition, The Art of Time, which is on show now at DWW.

Besides simply admiring the watches, visitors to DWW are also invited to experience the brand's watch-making techniques, specifically in the artistic skill of Enamel, a prominet feature in Ulysse Nardin’s beautiful collections over the past 25 years.