"Ruwaya is for everyone — Arab women, Western women and women from other cultures as well," says local jewellery designer Fatima Al Dhaheri. "It's for any woman who wants to feel special and beautiful with the jewellery they are wearing, and for the woman who loves to make a statement."

Combining vivid aesthetics with raw beauty, Al Dhaheri sources her precious stones from all over the world, in search of those that 'talk' to her, not to mention each piece of jewellery is handmade.  "Ruwaya is not 'design and produce' jewellery. It's very important that each piece is one of a kind so our clients know they are wearing something very special. Ruwaya also has three main collections: Dujaan, Marari and Nayra.

Ruwaya is only available through direct appointment: +971 4 440 1474.

Emirati jewellery designer launches Ruwaya