Earlier this week Stella's legal team filed a 22-page lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court citing "trade dress infringement, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, trade dress dilution, and design patent infringement". Ouch! Apparently what sparked the court case was Steve Madden's "marketing and sale of a knock-off" Falabella bag. However neither Steve nor Stella are unzipping (no pun intended) their opinions on the matter.

Although Stella McCartney does weigh in on the "easy, edgy and elegant" tote on her website saying: "The Falabella has attitude without shouting about it." Clearly it's a philosophy Stella practices personally too and there's no word yet on when the matter will be resolved.

Stella is pictured with the Black Falabella Studded Quilted Shaggy Deer Cross Body Bag, approx Dhs4590.