UAE based design label Reemami is taking to the fabrics of the fresh new Cruise 2016 collection to  weave a social commentary about our modern association with food, and its aesthetic role in our instant insta' digital world. Giving the iconography of food a new platform of visibility.

Everyday food inspired motifs decorate the characteristically architectural designs, hand drawn sketches of coffee cups and plates, fried eggs and chopped onions adorn the collection, blending with the warm hues chosen by designer Reema Al Banna, together with a few geometric designs. 

"I was inspired by people's obsession with food and it's role and visibility on social media. More than ever before, food has seamlessly become part of our daily lives both aesthetically and socially. We tend to photograph our food before even tasting it and it's normal – this is what I find most fascinating. I explored the idea of this new digital 'reality' that has emerged with surreal instafood-inspired illustrated prints on architectural cuts and asymmetric silhouettes." – Reem Al Banna

Take a sartorial journey with a culinary skew, through the new season's collection via our gallery below and get an exclusive look at some of Reema's never-before-seen hand sketches (above). Discover the trademark A-line and asymmetric silhouettes, realised in lush modern fabrics such as crepe and crushed satin.