London-based Moroccan model, Maria Hidrissi, leans elegantly up against an open doorframe with be-speckled tiles beneath her feet and a cafe in the background. She looks assured and confident, and has every right to in her H&M antique-rose pink coat, black palazzo pants and uber chic round framed shades, save for one major ground-breaking detail – she is also wearing a loosely tied Shemagh-designed hijab on her head. 

The image has blown-up social media, encouraging a huge new wave of applause for the Swedish high-street behemoth fashion brand, that is the first to feature a muslim model in a major campaign. H&M's #HMConscious campaign and Close The Loop campaign both feature Hidrissi, where the impetus is very much on sustainability and recycling, but another message is also being powerfully told. 

According to a report by Thomson Reuters, Muslims spent $266 billion on clothing and footwear in 2013 and will increase spending to $484 billion by 2019. H&M now lead the way in a new inclusive marketing approach. A brilliant thing.