Avideo titled 'Stop The Knot', about a group of guys driving around town cutting off strangers' man buns, is still making aggressive rounds on social media. These hipsters (ironic isn't it) probably thought they were restoring order in the surprisingly fast and fickle world of men's fashion. Little did they know what's coming next.

The man braids have gained serious traction and we're talking about full-on braids that could make a country girl go red. There's a little movement on Instagram where men celebrate their hairdo under the hashtag #manbraid.

Bye bye man buns, hello man braids

So how do you get a man braid? You can opt for the typical braid donned by the opposite sex or you could go for the hipster version; shaven sides with braids running along the length of it, or around it, whichever tickles your fancy.

Some might argue that the short cropped version is nothing more than an evolution of the corn rows. That may be true but one must not forget one important detail with the man braids and that is demographic. Google man braids and it's pretty clear that Caucasian males are its biggest proponents.

Hence, while the 'man braid' can project a certain effeminate nature to the hairstyle, you can certainly give it more street cred by naming it the 'white man's corn rows' instead.

And just like any trend, a quick visit to YouTube and you will be greeted with various tutorials on how to achieve this elegant look. And if you really want to stand out and be the ultimate hipster, go for the simultaneous braid and bun combination.

So gentlemen, if you ever fancy giving Rapunzel a run for her money, skip the barber and revel in your glorious locks. Long braids or short, through the middle or around your head, loose French braids or tight waterfall plaits; the possibilities are quite huge. All you need is just a little imagination, and a whole lot of confidence.