llery, an Australian born womenswear label, which started back in Sydney in 2007 has just launched online in the UAE at Stylebop.com. In what started out as a hobby has gone on to become an eponymous brand that has a prominent place at Paris Fashion Week. Now, on the eve of show season the Founder and Creative Director, Kym Ellery speaks exclusively to Buro 24/7 Middle East about her namesake, Australian design and why Paris is the perfect city...

How and where did Ellery all begin?

I launched the brand in 2007 whilst I was working as a stylist for an independent fashion magazine called Russh. At the time I was longing for my own creative project independent of my styling work and so I began, Ellery. At first I started the brand as just a hobby but since then the label has grown to have a global following.

Kym Ellery

How did you know you wanted to take the step from editor to designer?

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a designer, it was simply a matter of time until I would begin my own brand. Working as a stylist was great as it helped improve my understanding of the language of fashion as well as fine tune my aesthetic.

What's the best thing about your job?

Working with many incredibly talented people and all of the travel that I get to do.

What's a day in the life of Kym Ellery like?

Each morning, before I start the day I meditate as soon as I wake up. It helps me to have clarity and also opens my mind creatively. After that I usually cook myself breakfast and head into the studio. At the studio I have lots of meetings with my creative team and we discuss ideas about the collection and creative innovation.

Ellery Exclusive: The Australian designer on Stylebop and making her Middle Eastern mark

Your biggest career moment so far?

Showing at Paris Fashion Week.

It is an honour to show during the same week as the best of the best brands in the world.

How does it feel to now be apart of Paris Fashion Week?

It is a very exciting chapter for the brand as well as for me personally. Paris feels like the natural home for both me and the brand. When I'm there I'm at my most content.

Do you have a specific someone in mind when you're designing?

A strong, intelligent woman who appreciates quality and is constantly looking for modern classics to add to her ever growing wardrobe.

The Australian fashion scene is booming. Why do you think this is?

Australia is such a young country, the fashion industry there now is really starting to mature. That maturity combined with the remoteness is producing some exciting designers with interesting ideas.

Ellery Exclusive: The Australian designer on Stylebop and making her Middle Eastern mark
What does Ellery and the Middle Eastern market have in common?

They both love to look their best.

Are you planning on visiting the Middle East soon? If so, what would be the top three things on your to-do list?

I can't wait to discover the UAE. So far I've not been there. When I come I would go indoor skiing, searching for the perfect Middle Eastern meal and go shopping of course.

Ellery is now available at Stylebop.com.