Amal al-Atrash aka Asmahan, was an Arab Druze singer and actress of Syrian origins, who has now been remembered as a Google Doodle. A pioneer in the world of entertainment, Asmahan earned great fame in the 1930's and '40's following her forray into entertainment, which was matched with a powerful voice and an incredible stage presence. During her time in the spotlight Asmahan managed to pave the way for female performers who followed in her footsteps, despite passing away at 31.

Google celebrates Syrian actress Asmahan's 103rd birthday

Now, on the date that would have marked her 103rd birthday, internet illustrator Sophie Diao has re-imagined the actress on Google. "Sophie Diao's animated Doodle honours Asmahan, paying tribute to her signature performing style and highlighting the intimate way she would look deeply into the camera and sing directly to her audience," said Google in a statement. "Diao also captured Asmahan's iconic, glamorous look, and used black and white colouring to simulate film grain from the time."

The Asmahan Doodle is regional and can be viewed in North Africa and the Middle East on November 25, 2015.