Contemporary art group Tashkeel presents a new series of photographic work to kick start the new year. Titled Hymns to a Sleeper, the new body of work by Afra Bin Dhaher explores the principles of photography within a world of surreal and constructed landscapes.

From chairs, carpets, found objects and even a parrot, Bin Dhaher takes household items and manipulates them, adding intrigue and romance into ordinary pieces that are often easily overlooked.

"There's a need to construct images out of the pieces of information we receive from our daily encounters, whether they are lessons, readings, dreams, conversations, moments, people, objects, or memories," says Afra. "I therefore chose to reconstruct and document the objects, subjects or moments while making sense of how meaning is created in an image. The photograph, as a medium, lends itself to this idea as a means of immortalising things that have passed or are yet to become frail." 

Must-see: Hymns to a Sleeper art exhibition

Hymns to a Sleeper will run from January 21 - March 3, 2016 at Tashkeel, Nadd Al Sheba, Dubai.