When it comes to sparkling skin and a clear complexion it's not only your face that needs looking after. Hot summer months and daily sun exposure, leave no question as to what your lacklustre limbs need. So getting fierce on your skin is the only way to banish the bumps for a brighter beauty forecast.

Buro 24/7 Middle East have three of the latest, must-try body polishes and scrubs that will revitalise, mositurise and leave you with smooth glowing skin ready to face the winter weather ahead... 

1. Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow, Dhs316

 Body beautiful: Three skin-sculpting scrubs

Elemis have created this luxurious exfoliation product by mixing lime, ginger and salt in a unique blend of bergamot, coconut and sweet almond oils. This product is set to stimulate, tone and leave your skin soft. 

2. Molton Brown Pepper Body Polish, Dhs220

Body beautiful: Three skin-sculpting scrubs

The newest body polish from Molton Brown not only exfoliates but its bamboo stem particles polish, refine and smooth your skin for a soft feel and sleek glow. The ultra-creamy texture is enriched with Guinean pink pepperpods for antioxidant protectection and is created with the scent of patchouli and ginger notes. 

3. Guerlain Terracotta Sunscrub, Dhs278

Body beautiful: Three skin-sculpting scrubs

Guerlain have designed a luxuriant body scrub that is a must for prepping your skin for any amount of sun exposure. The combination of three types of different-sized grains and natural rice particles sweep away dead cells to ensure an even natural tan. The exfoliation process smoothes the skin, which leaves a luminous, satin-soft finish.