Renowned Yemeni singer, Balqees Fathi will embark on a positive regional mission to help empower Arab women next year. In association with haircare brand, Pantene, Balqees is set to embark on an inspirational tour to help women from across the region who are facing daily struggles, and in turn help them build confidence and raise funds for young arab women's empowerment. 

"From being the girl who followed the crowd to being the young woman who found her way to her passion, I know first-hand that, for Arab women in particular, the road to success is often punctuated by trials and tribulations," said Balqees. "However, in spite of all obstacles, my determination never faltered: it took both inner courage and empowerment from my loved ones to continue to shine strong. With their support and wisdom, I've learnt a lot about navigating today's problems with today's solutions. As a role model for young Arab women, my dream is to empower them to adopt this very approach — so they can bring out the best in themselves and reach their full potential."

Auction fundraisers, fundraising concerts and inspirational talks will be held by Balqees across the Middle East starting in 2016. Watch this space.