Madonna and Rihanna are said to be fans, along with countless other celebs, but is a so-called super-dose of vitamins delivered via an intravenous drip really such a good idea?

The concoction, usually a mix of vitamins B, C and magnesium, is said to make users feel reinvigorated and "alive" but most experts agree that anyone with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will feel little more than a brief pick-me-up and could even be causing themselves lasting damage in the form of bruising, infection and vein inflammation or, if not delivered correctly or in the right quantities, cardiac arrest.

What's more, unless the vitamins are specifically catering for each individual's needs the benefits are negligible and could cause more harm than good. In essence, there's nothing you can get from a vein full of vitamins that you couldn't achieve through a balanced diet rather than IV or oral supplements. And who likes injections anyway, right?